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Become a Volunteer

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You can be a Volunteer!

A little of your free time can help people in need.


We operate with volunteers who offer their services to our fellow people in need. So far more than 1000 volunteers have served during the refugee crisis, coming mainly from the Evangelical Churches of Thessaloniki. There is also a large number of volunteers from foreign churches that sacrifice part of their holidays to serve these unfortunate people.

Occasionally we have had students working with us from colleges and universities from various countries, as well as teams of different age groups who have come to help as they have heard about the wave of refugees and immigrants that cross or stay in Greece. These volunteers come at their own  expense and help in any field they are asked.


In order for the center to be functional, a minimum of 10 volunteers are needed every day. More volunteers are welcome, and they will be assigned various tasks.

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